In the afternoon of Saturday August 25th, 2018, the commemoration ceremony, organized by the Central Representation of Ukraine (RCU) and the Embassy of Ukraine in Argentine, was held at the Taras Shevchenko Monument, Parque Tres de Febrero – Buenos Aires, in occasion of the 27th Anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine.
The ceremony started with the wreath-laying at the statue of Taras Shevchenko, by the Counselor of the Embassy of Ukraine in Argentine, Margarita Aristova; the President of the Superior Council, Jorge Iwanyk, Eng; and the Vice President of the Executive of the Central Representation Ukraine (RCU), Dr. María Cristina Zinko.
After singing the national anthems of Argentina and Ukraine, the Counselor of the Ukrainian Embassy in Argentina, Margarita Aristova, referred to the event in Ukrainian language, and requested a minute of silence for all those who have died in defense of the Independence, freedom, sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Ukraine.
Students of the Ukrainian language School of the Ukranian Association «Renacimiento- Avellaneda” under the direction of Halyna Hlushko, read a greeting on occasion of the Independence.
Mr. Andres Wasylyk, vice-president of the Youth Association “Plast”, read a discourse about the Independence and current position of Ukraine in the world, in Spanish.
Tenor Bohdan Holodyk delighted us with two Cossack songs and the recitation of Shevchenko’s Will.
At the end of the ceremony, the Ukrainian Spiritual Hymn «God is Great and Unique» (Bozhe Velekey Yedeney) has been performed, like in other places all over the world, to pray for peace in Ukraine.
Miss Camila Holik and Mrs. Gala Diuryn were in charge of the presentations.
The event was attended by the accredited diplomatic corp of Ukraine in Argentina, Father Nazariy Kaszchak, parish priest of the Greco Catholic Cathedral of “Santa Maria del Patrocinio”, authorities of the RCU and Member Institutions, the community and a large audience.
After the event was finished, refreshments were served to the participants.