On January 22nd, 2019 a solemn act of the Ukrainian community was held at the “Tres de Febrero” Central Park in Buenos Aires.

The event was organized by the Ukrainian Central Representation (RCU)and the Embassy of Ukraine in Argentine; attended by representatives of the institutions, members of the community and the diplomatic corps. Mr. Marcelo Couture, representative of the Argentine Secretariat for Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism was also present.

The act was officialy launched by Mr. Yurii Diudin, Ambassador of Ukraine in the Argentine, Mrs. María Zinko, vice president of the RCU, and Jorge Iwanyk, president of the Superior Council of the RCU; they laid a floral tribute at the base of Taras Shevchenko´s monument, and sang the hymns of both countries.

The Ukrainian Ambassador highlighted the audience, the importance of the ceremony for the unification between Ukraine and West Ukraine on January 22nd, 1919 in the history of our country. He also emphasized the importance of Ukraine´s full Independence in this year´s adoption of the Tomas of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The Second Vice President of the Directive Commission of the Youth Association “Plast”, Mr. Andrés Wasylyk, spoke on behalf of the Ukrainian community in Argentine, about the great importance of the Day of Unity for Ukrainian Statehood, as well as he assured of the availability of the Ukrainians residing abroad, to continue helping their mother country.

The institutions that make up the Ukrainian Central Representation, always commemorate and defend the sovereignty and unity of the Ukrainian people, supporting them with their presence, especially at times like the current one, in which they are in a hybrid war with the invasion of Russia in the eastern territories of Ukraine and the undue annexation of the Crimean Peninsula.