R.C.U of Argentine calls upon Ukrainians worldwide to join the international community in remembrance of the millions of victims of the Holocaust as the world marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day on 27 January 2019.
Over six million Jews, and millions of other victims, including Ukrainians, Poles, Roma, and many others were murdered by the Nazi regime.
The R.C.U. pays tribute to all survivors of the Holocaust who have bravely shared their stories with the world, and to the families of survivors who carry the torch of remembrance for future generations.
Our thoughts are also with the brave individuals who risked their lives during the Holocaust to save others.
The R.C.U. of Argentine condemns the horrific crimes of the Nazi German regime and vows to remain vigilant to ensure that history is never repeated.
May our memory of the victims of the Holocaust remain eternal!
Dr. Pedro Lylyk
-President of RCU-
Ing. Iván A.Poloz
-Secretary RCU-